Exploring the Power of Generative AI with ChatGPT and CrafterCMS

Exploring the Power of Generative AI with ChatGPT and CrafterCMS

Generative AI use cases  powered by AI platforms like ChatGPT have the potential to make content authors and other kinds of digital creators more efficient, improve content quality and greatly improve digital experiences.

What is generative AI? Generative AI speaks to a wide range of use cases and fields including copy writing, art, music, gaming and many others where AI is used to generate or assist in the generation of the output artifacts.

While many in these fields are concerned that AI represents a threat to creators there is equal recognition and excitement building around the possibilities these capabilities provide. AI is a tool that will make the creator / artist much more efficient by assisting them with various steps in the creative lifecycle from idea generation, through creation and all the way through distribution, repurposing and testing.

Here are a few examples where generative AI could play a major role in assisting content authors and other creators who use headless CMS platforms like CrafterCMS:

  • Generate copy ideas, summaries and edits
  • Generate images, audio, video and other asset artifacts
  • Convert one asset to another to help authors repurpose content. For example convert a blog to a video or vice versa.
  • Summarization assistance
  • Localization and translation assistance
  • Personalized content creation assistance
  • Automated analysis and re-generation of content and experience based on performance with a given audience

The examples above are just a few ideas off of the top of my head but the possibilities are endless. I am looking forward to much greater integration with AI in our space.

Below is a short video that demonstrates a simple CrafterCMS / ChatGPT and OpenAI integration that enables authors to generate copy and images and another example that demonstrates an integration that translates text to video. The user interfaces are simple at this point but they illustrate the powerful assistance an AI platform like ChatGPT can provide to content authors when it is integrated into the CMS tools that they use on a daily basis.

Check it out:


Just for fun I ran this blog through the text to video generation. I supplied only the following context in addition to the blog: "Helpful happy robot, futuristic real."

Admittedly I could have spent more time tweaking and giving the AI additional feedback about the topic and I would have gotten a better result but for the sake of "SCIENCE!" I've posted the first-and-only pass. Of course there are many updates and edits I would make to this before regenerating it so that the video and audio are better. I have to say that it is really quite amazing what you can get done with copy-paste and a few minutes of processing! 

Here it is: