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With its decoupled architecture, CrafterCMS has two main subsystems: Authoring and Delivery. If you're just trying things out, you can simply run Authoring (which includes In-Context Site Preview), and then add Delivery when ready to publish content out to end-points serving your audience. Learn about CrafterCMS architecture in our docs.

Getting Started Quickly

Get started with CrafterCMS quickly with Docker. Launch with a single command:

docker run -p 8080:8080 craftercms/authoring_local:latest

Then just point your browser to http://localhost:8080/studio and login with admin/admin.

CrafterCMS 4.1.5 Community Bundles

Released May 31, 2024

DevContentOps Toolkit

CrafterCMS Command Line Interface (CLI) to support DevContentOps processes. Authenticate with CrafterCMS and exercise its APIs via a Unix and/or Windows command-line interface. Now included as part of the release bundle.

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Looking for Enterprise Support?

CrafterCMS Community is our open source release (GPL v3 license), available for free download above. We also offer CrafterCMS Enterprise, which is a commercially-supported release and available for either Self-Hosted/Self-Managed deployments, or as a Fully-Managed SaaS. Learn more about CrafterCMS Enterprise features and support at