Crafter CMS provides developers with simple but powerful tools to quickly build websites, and to easily integrate and customize where necessary. By leveraging industry-standard, leading open source technologies such as FreeMarker Templating Language and Javascript, front-end developers can quickly build rich UIs for their website applications.

Furthermore, Crafter CMS provides developers with the foundation for quickly building high-performance, flexible Web and mobile applications. Built as an enterprise Java platform using the Spring Framework, Crafter CMS provides a solid infrastructure that not only integrates well with enterprise systems and deployment infrastructure, but also supports a full-range of presentation-tier technologies including lightweight scripting and REST-based APIs.

  • Java/Spring MVC based, Groovy scripting enabled
  • The most scalable, high performance dynamic content available for Java
  • Easy to use content authoring
  • Developer tools, SCM and process integration
  • Multi channel: HTML, CaaS/JSON/XML, AFRAME/VRML and nearly any other format
  • 100% open source


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