Crafter CMS Community Edition

Crafter CMS is a truly modern open source digital experience management platform. Crafter CMS distinguishes itself by its modern architecture, which enables:

  • Truly decoupled CMS (disconnected global delivery)
  • Composed of independent microservices
  • Dynamic / personalized delivery of every request at speed
  • Headless, API-first CMS (content as a service)
  • Git-based CMS (allows for excellent developer cadence)
  • Shared-nothing delivery architecture (extreme scale)
  • Front-end agnostic (bring your favorite UI framework or use as a headless CMS)
  • Comprehensive support for all three CMS stakeholders: content authors, developers and system administrators


Version 3.0.20
Released January 17, 2019

Crafter CMS Community is free open source software licensed under the GPLv3 open source license.  
Crafter CMS is a decoupled CMS and has two main components: Authoring and Delivery. User profiles, advanced personalization and social content (user comments, ratings, etc) are optional components and are available in the "with Profile and Social" bundles.  Crafter Social and Crafter Profile have a MongoDB dependency.

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Enterprise Edition 

Supported Enterprise Editions Available at

User Friendly Content Authoring
In-context Preview and Editing
Multi-Channel Publishing
Personalization and Content Targeting
Web Analytics Integration
Site Blueprints
Multi-site and Internationalization
High Performance Content Delivery
Ease of Integration – CRM, ERP, etc.
Community Support (Forums, Wiki, etc.)
On Premise and Cloud Deployment
Commercial License

Customer Support

Certified Build

Hybrid-Cloud Support