Open Source CMS Developer News Report Dec 16 2022

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Firefly Launches Open Source Project 'AIaC' to Generate AI-powered Infrastructure-as-Code 

Cloud Asset Management solution Firefly has released its AIaC - AI-powered Infrastructure-as-Code(IaC) and configuration generator. An open-source project powered by Open AI, will enable users to generate code using natural language through the command line interface(CLI).

Drupal Launches Drupal 10, the Latest Version of the Open Source Digital Experience Platform

Open source CMS Drupal is releasing the latest version of the platform, Drupal 10. Some of the new features included in the upgrade are a stronger site builder and developer experience and easier content authoring. 

Spotify’s Plan to Monetize Developers Using Its Open Source Backstage Project

Spotify-owned open-source platform Backstage will begin selling premium plugins to companies. The platform brings order to companies’ infrastructure and enables them to build customized “developer portals,” by combining all their tooling, apps, data, services, APIs, and documents in a single interface. Users can monitor Kubernetes, check their CI/CD status, view cloud costs, or track security incidents. 

Web Development News

2022 a Golden Year as JavaScript Moves to the Edge

The NewStack analyzes how JavaScript has evolved over the year 2022, the growth of multiple frameworks, and how things could accelerate in 2023. 

What Drives Choosing Flutter Over React Native?

Why should developers opt for Flutter instead of React Native? This article from ReadWrite dives into a few reasons. 

GitHub Brings Free Secret Scanning to All Public Repos

GitHub Advanced Security, the secret scanning tool used by enterprise customers, will now be available to all users on public repos. It will provide notifications for leaked secrets in source code. 

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