Open Source CMS Developer News Report Dec 9 2022

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

CrafterCMS Expands Its Marketplace With Workflow Plugin

CrafterCMS expanded its Marketplace of open-source plugins, blueprints, and packaged business capabilities with a new workflow plugin. The new plugin enables composable authoring experiences and includes a Trello integration and lets business users view task boards and manage content operations for their headless CMS projects. 

Endor Labs Unveils New Research on Impact of Open Source Software on Supply Chain Security

Dependency Management startup Endor Labs has released “The State Of Dependency Management.” The report gives a view into the rampant and often unmonitored use of existing open-source software in application development and the dangers that arise. 

Rezilion Unveils New Updates to MI-X, An Open Source Tool That Determines Vulnerability Risk, at Black Hat Europe

Software attack surface management platform Rezilion has announced new updates to its MI-X tool, which give teams critical information about the exploitability of known critical CVEs in their environment.

Web Development News

Interest Growing in Dart and Flutter for Mobile

Fabrice Bellingard, VP of product at continuous code quality and security provider SonarSource, points out that developer interest in mobile language Dart and Dart-based framework Flutter is growing.

Key Security Announcements From AWS re:Invent 2022

AWS has unveiled new security tools to assist enterprise security teams in analyzing security telemetry, permissions management, and key management. They include Amazon Security Lake for security telemetry, Verified Permissions for developers, and a VPN bypass service.

Hasura GraphQL APIs for Snowflake Streamline Embedded Analytics and Accelerate Data Access

Data access layer for modern applications, Hasura, has announced a new integration for Snowflake that allows mutual customers to instantly create a GraphQL data API on the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. 

State Of GraphQL 2022

Sacha Greif has released the interactive State of GraphQL 2022 report based on a survey, which ran from October 1 to November 1, 2022, and collected 14,310 responses.

GitHub Launches Copilot for Businesses

Copilot, which suggests lines of code, is now available for enterprises after launching for individual users and educators. The GitHub product costs $19 per user per month, and includes the features in the single-license Copilot tier, as well as corporate licensing and policy controls.

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