Open Source CMS Developer News June 26 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

CrafterCMS Expands Its Marketplace With Document Signing Plugin

New plugin includes an integration with DocuSign eSignature, a leading document signing solution, and allows CrafterCMS users to add this packaged business capability to their digital experiences such as customer portals, employee intranets, and e-commerce solutions. The plugin is available under open source license and is available for immediate download from the CrafterCMS Marketplace.

GitHub Sees Open-Source Organizational Donations Spike

The NewStack has uncovered that since enabling support for sponsoring open-source projects on GitHub, the number of organizations using invoices to sponsor has almost doubled. 

Furthering the Evolution of CentOS Stream

Open-source enterprise provider Red Hat has made it harder for anyone to gain access to the source code for RHEL, its enterprise Linux distribution. 

KubeArmor -- AccuKnox Open Source Project Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Zero Trust CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform) has announced the availability of KubeArmorTM, an Open Source CNCF Kubernetes run-time security project, in the AWS Marketplace. 

Web Development News

The Getting Started with AI Stack for JavaScript

The team at A16z explains how developers can start building AI applications using JavaScript. 

Too Much JavaScript? Why the Frontend Needs to Build Better

In this article for The NewStack, Alex Russell of BlueSky explains the dangers of using too much JavaScript. 

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