Open Source CMS Developer News July 3 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Red Hat’s New Source Code Policy and the Intense Pushback, Explained

ArsTechnica breaks down the recent changes that RedHat has made to its open-source code and the pushback from developers. 

Proton Launches Open-Source Password Manager With Some Limitations

Proton AG has announced the global availability of its open-source and free-to-use password manager Proton Pass. The solution is available as a browser extension or mobile app on Android and iOS.

Penpot Woos Developers, Takes on Figma with Open Source Tool

Penpot offers a new open-source solution that enables developers and designers to collaborate. 

Web Development News

Finding and Hiring the Best Node.js Developers for Your Development Team

Robotics & Automation offers some tips for hiring Node.js developers. 

Universal Analytics Is Officially Replaced by Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics sunset has started, and how website traffic performance is measured will change forever. Search Engine Land explains how. 


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