Open Source CMS Developer News Aug 7 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Open Sourcing AudioCraft: Generative AI for Audio

Meta has announced that AudioCraft, the framework for generating high-quality audio and music from text-based prompts, will now be open-sourced. This will provide access to anyone who wants to leverage the tool to augment other experiences. 

Ermetic Releases CNAPPgoat Open Source Project for Assessing Multi-Cloud Security

Cloud infrastructure security company Ermetic has unveiled CNAPPgoat. The open-source project allows organizations to test cloud security skills, tools, and processes and use interactive sandbox environments that are easy to deploy and destroy.

Web Development News

Cython Offers the Ease of Python, the Speed of C++

The NewStack explains what the Python superset Cython is all about. 

GitHub Copilot Can Now Tell Developers When Its Suggestions Match Code in a Public Repository

GitHub has launched a private beta of a code referencing feature that shows developers when code it suggests can be found in public repositories. Previously the feature automatically blocked any matching code, but developers can now take the code and attribute it to open-source licenses. 

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