Open Source CMS Developer News Nov 21 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Meet Google’s Project Open Se Cura

Marktechpost explains Google’s Project Open Se Cura, an open-source framework designed to accelerate the development of secure, scalable, transparent, and efficient AI systems. 

OSS: Top Open-Source Technologies Among Developers

GlobalData breaks down the top open-source technologies among developers, particularly those relevant to Kubernetes. 

Web Development News

An Introduction to JavaScript Functions and Asynchronous Programming with Callbacks

This HackerNoon article explains the fundamental concepts of functions in JavaScript, including their types (function declarations, function expressions, and arrow functions) and the role of callbacks in managing asynchronous programming.

Creating an Interactive Timeline With CSS and JavaScript

MakeUseOf explains how to create interactive timelines using CSS and JavaScript and discusses the choice between vertical and horizontal layouts based on user experience and content volume.

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