Open Source CMS Developer News Nov 6 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

CrafterCMS Earns Several G2 Awards Fall 2023

The open source, headless content platform CrafterCMS earned several new awards from the software review platform, G2. In its Fall 2023 round of acknowledgments, G2 recognized CrafterCMS for many leading rankings based on customer reviews, including  "High Performer", "Easiest To Do Business With", "Easiest to Administer" and "Highest User Adoption".

NodeSource Launches Open Source Version of its N|Solid Runtime for Advanced Node.js Application Management

NodeSource has open-sourced its N|Solid Runtime, enhancing Node.js with advanced observability and management, now available for free or via subscription, and backed by a community-driven future.

Building an Open Source Private DBaaS

The Newstack underscores the critical decision between public and private DBaaS solutions, detailing how businesses can harness the customizable control of private databases with open source projects like Percona Everest, versus the convenience of public DBaaS offerings.

Web Development News

Kubernetes API Gateway 1.0 Goes Live, as Maintainers Plan for the Future

The Newstack reports that after four years of development, Kubernetes Gateway API has launched as a standardized solution for managing Kubernetes cluster network traffic, marking a milestone in collaborative API development within the Kubernetes ecosystem.

New AWS Service Lets Customers Rent Nvidia GPUs for Quick AI Projects

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Capacity Blocks for ML. The blocks allow customers to reserve GPU time for AI jobs, with dynamic pricing and assured cost certainty. 

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