Open Source CMS Developer News Jan 17 2024

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Delayed Open Source Publication Emerges as Open Source Rival

The NewStack assesses the Open Source Initiative (OSI)’s latest study showing the increasing adoption of Delayed Open Source Publication (DOSP). DOSP offers a blend of proprietary and open source licensing, where software is released under a proprietary license before being transitioned to open source at a later date. 

OpenTofu Announces General Availability

OpenTofu, an open source fork of Terraform, is now a production-ready project under the Linux Foundation. This release offers easy migration for Terraform users and features community-driven enhancements like client-side state encryption and a more efficient OpenTofu registry.

Web Development News

New Framework Lets Devs Explore React Server Components

This NewStack article explores Waku is a new minimal framework for React Server Components (RSC), created by Daishi Kato, who also developed Zustand and Jotai. 

Introduction to Eleventy, a Modern Static Website Generator

This NewStack article explores Eleventy (11ty), a JavaScript-based static site generator, as a more advanced option for creating faster, polished websites without needing extensive coding knowledge. 

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