Open Source CMS Developer News Mar 22 2024

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Open Source Software Use Driven by Cost Cutting

OpenLogic’s latest open source software report points out that organizations primarily use open source software to save costs rather than drive innovation and modernization. 

Elon Musk’s Chatbot Grok To Go Open-Source—Here’s What To Know

xAI’s chatbot Grok will be open sourced to compete with OpenAI. 

Web Development News

Slint 1.5: Embracing Android, Improving Live-Preview, and introducing Pythonic Slint

Slint, a Rust GUI toolkit for Android, has released Slint 1.5. The new release features Android deployment, an improved Live Preview, and full backwards compatibility.

Astro DB: A Deep Dive

Astro has unveiled Astro DB, a fully managed SQL database service designed exclusively for the Astro web framework. 

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