Open Source CMS Developer News Mar 5 2024

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

CrafterCMS Unveils List of Speakers and Exhibitors for CrafterCMS Live! User Conference

The speakers will discuss various topics, including the future of digital experiences, personalized digital experiences, and building dynamic web experiences, global extranets, and custom plugins using a composable CMS. The CrafterCMS Live! user conference is slated for March 20, 2024, where attendees will learn and explore the powerful capabilities and real-world applications of CrafterCMS through engaging discussions, hands-on case studies, and valuable expert insights.

Open Sourcing Pingora: Our Rust Framework for Building Programmable Network Services

Cloudflare has open-sourced Pingora under an Apache License version 2.0. Pingora is a Rust async multithreaded framework that assists Cloudflare in constructing HTTP proxy services.

Google Introduces Gemma, a New Open Source AI Model for Developers

Google has launched a new open-source AI model known as Gemma. Utilizing the technology underpinning Google’s Gemini AI models, Gemma provides developers with advanced tools for creating AI applications conscientiously.

Web Development News

Developer Panel Wants an ‘Anti-Capitalistic Jamstack’

The Jamstack community wants to separate the term from its vendor origins. 

Stack Overflow and Google Cloud Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Generative AI to Millions of Developers

Stack Overflow and Google Cloud have announced a strategic partnership to provide new-gen AI-powered capabilities to developers through the Stack Overflow platform, Google Cloud Console, and Gemini for Google Cloud.

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