Open Source CMS Developer News May 31 2024

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Commonhaus Foundation Launches at Critical Time for OSS

The Commonhaus Foundation has launched to support an array of OSI-approved licenses. The foundation allows open-source projects to maintain their established brand, community identity, infrastructure, and governance. 

ZEDEDA Joins the Linux Foundation’s Margo Project to Deliver Seamless Edge Interoperability

Edge computing platform Zededa has joined the Linux Foundation’s Margo project as a steering committee member. Margo aims to create open standards for interoperability at the edge for industrial automation environments.

Web Development News

Want Out of React Complexity? Try Vue’s Progressive Framework

Vue offers a progressive framework that doesn’t force developers to shoehorn everything into JavaScript. 

GraphQL Federation: The Missing API for Your Platform Strategy

GraphQL can reduce the friction between the backend and the frontend. 

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