Open Source CMS Developer News April 10 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

CrafterCMS is Moving to Opensearch

OpenSearch will replace Elasticsearch starting with CrafterCMS version 4.1.

Flyte: An Open Source Orchestrator for ML/AI Workflows has recently released Flyte, an open-source orchestration tool for managing machine learning and AI project workflow. Flyte runs on top of Kubernetes and aims to solve some of the machine learning challenges with similar solutions, such as Airflow or AWS SageMaker. 

What Did Twitter’s Open Source Algorithm Reveal?

Engadget dives into what open-source developers can learn from looking at Twitter’s publicly available code. 

Build Faster With Buck2: Our Open Source Build System

Meta engineers have made its open-source, large-scale build system available on GitHub. 

Web Development News

An Introduction to CQRS in NestJS

Developers can use the CQRS pattern to create cleaner and more scalable Nest.js applications.

How to Use Flexbox in React Native

The CSS tool enables developers to build flexible one-dimensional layouts to control the position of elements within a container. This offers more control over presenting content on the screen. MakeUseOf provides a tutorial on how to use it with React Native. 

The Next Kubernetes Management Frontier: Automation

Kubernetes is a powerful yet complex platform for IT teams to deploy and manage. The NewStack explains how increasing automation with a GitOps-ready, central control plane can help organizations improve Kubernetes management. 

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