Open Source CMS Developer News May 8 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Google Engineer Warns It Could Lose Out to Open-Source Technology in AI Race

A leaked document from a senior Google engineer has pointed out fears that Google and also ChatGPT creator OpenAI, could lose the artificial intelligence race to open-source alternatives. 

Satori Unveils Universal Data Permissions Scanner, A Free Open-Source Tool that Sheds Light on Data Access Authorization

Data security platform Satori has released the Universal Data Permissions Scanner. The open-source tool will enable companies to know which employees have access to what data and reduce the associated risks that can occur due to over-privileged or unauthorized users.

Tidelift Study Reveals That Despite Increasing Demands From Government and Industry, 60% of Maintainers Are Still Unpaid Volunteers

Tidelift’s 2023 State of the Open Source Maintainer Report has uncovered that paid open-source maintainers have more resources to help prioritize security and maintenance. However, the majority of open-source maintainers remain unpaid.

Web Development News

Next.js 13.4 Released

Next.js 13.4 has been released with new updates, including stability for the App Router, the beta release of Turbopack, and the alpha release of Server Actions. 

Angular v16 Is Here

Angular 16 has finally been released with several new features, including Angular Signals, enhanced server-side rendering, and hydration. 

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