Open Source CMS Developer News Oct 16 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

OpenLogic by Perforce, In Collaboration With the Eclipse Foundation and Open Source Initiative, Launches the Next State of Open Source Survey

Enterprise development tool provider Perforce has joined forces with the Eclipse Foundation and Open Source Initiative (OSI) to release its open-source software usage survey. The survey will examine the day-to-day use of open-source software and will be part of the 2024 State of Open Source Report. 

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces Cilium Graduation

Cilium, an open-source cloud-native solution, has graduated from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. 

Web Development News

Build a User Interface Using AI Prompts: Vercel V0 Development Kit Now in Public Beta

Next.js creators Vercel have moved v0, its latest AI-driven web development kit, to public beta. The generative user interface system will help speed up things for developers working on UI-related tasks. 

How to Build and Consume Mock APIs in React Apps Using Mirage.js

MakeUseOf explains how to build and use APIs using Mirage.js. 

Build Stylish Next.js Forms With React Hook Form and Material UI

MakeUseOf explains how developers can build forms using React Hook Form and Material UI. 

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