Open Source CMS Developer News Jan 8 2024

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Open Source in 2024: More Volatility, More Risk, More AI

The NewStack speculates that 2024 could see more companies change their open source licenses to business ones as regulation and generative AI continue to evolve and following the economic volatility and tech layoffs of 2023.

Open-Source Customer Data Platforms: Can You Unleash Your Data for Less?

This MarTech article explains  how open-source customer data platforms (CDPs) offer cost savings, flexibility, customization, and an active community for support. However, they require IT resources for deployment and integration, which may challenge marketing teams without technical expertise.

Web Development News

4 Strategies for Migrating Monolithic Apps to Microservices

This NewStack article discusses the challenges and best practices for DevOps teams migrating monolithic applications to Kubernetes-based microservices. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the monolith, taking incremental steps, loosely coupling microservices, and implementing end-to-end observability.

Web Dev 2024: Fediverse Ramps Up, More AI, Less JavaScript

The NewStack's article explores the evolving landscape of web development in 2024, highlighting the rise of the fediverse, the increasing integration of AI in development tools, and a call for simpler, less JavaScript-heavy frameworks.

2024 Predictions by JavaScript Frontend Framework Maintainers

This article by NewStack provides insights into the evolving world of frontend development in 2024, featuring key updates from Angular, Next.js, React, and Solid. Angular focuses on optional Zone.js and fine-grained reactivity, while Next.js emphasizes a new compiler for enhanced performance.

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