Open Source CMS Developer News March 13 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Linux Foundation Research Shows Economic Value of Open Source Software Rising in Terms of Benefits vs. Costs

The Linux Foundation has released a report measuring open source’s economic value. Two-thirds of companies surveyed felt that the benefits of open-source software, including cost savings, faster development, open standards, and interoperability, outweighed the costs.

Merck First Company to Offer Open-Source Library for Palantir Foundry

Science and technology company Merck has launched an open-source code library around Palantir Foundry on GitHub. The Foundry DevTools library provides consistent digital blueprints to boost productivity and quality for developers. 

Nivenly Foundation Seeks More Power for Open Source Creators

The Nivenly Foundation, co-founded by a principal engineer at GitHub, Kris Nóva, will advocate for independent maintainers and help them keep oversight of their projects. The foundation aims to champion sustainability, ownership, and control to open source projects and communities around the globe.

New Armory Plugins Extend the Power of Open Source Spinnaker for Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment company Armory has released new plugins for its open-source, multi-cloud Continuous Deployment tool, Spinnaker. The plugins will make the open-source tool faster and more secure. 

Web Development News

Ably Touts Real-Time Starter Kits for Vercel and Netlify

Platform as a service company, Ably has launched a pre-built Next.js starter kit on Vercel’s Templates Marketplace that provides real-time functionality, including live collaboration. A similar tool is also available on Netlify. 

Is Svelte Ready For Prime Time?

This article explores the JavaScript framework Svelte and its growing popularity.

Is Docker Still Worth Learning for IT Operations Teams? Probably Not

This article examines why Docker might no longer be worth it for ITOps teams. 

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