Open Source CMS Developer News Report March 3 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

CrafterCMS Publishes Guide to DevContentOps

CrafterCMS published a new guide to implementing clear and scalable DevContentOps processes for CrafterCMS version 4. These processes allow a team of software developers, content authors, and system administrators to work together on a single project across multiple environments. Developers build new features and fix bugs by flowing their updates from lower environments all the way to production. Authors focus on content creation, updates, and publishing. System administrators and DevOps help orchestrate the flow of code from lower to higher environments and content from higher to lower environments.

Fiberplane Open Sources WebAssembly-based Plugin System and Tooling for Observability

Real-time collaboration notebook Fiberplane open-sourced its WebAssembly-based plugin system (called "Providers" at Fiberplane). The plugin is available to anyone to connect to observability tools such as Prometheus, ElasticSearch, and other data sources.

Core-Js Chief Complains Open Source Is Broken, No One Will Pay For It

Maintainer of the core-js library, Denis Pushkarev, is ready to give up on open source, bringing to light some of the friction and discontent in the coding community. 

Web Development News

How to Use Generators and Iterators in JavaScript

MakeUseOf publishes this article to help developers efficiently iterate over large data collections.

Navigating the Trade-Offs of Scaling Kubernetes Dev Environments

The New Stack discusses balancing costs and performance goals when scaling cloud-native environments. 

What to Expect from Vue in 2023 and How it Differs from React

How Vue 3 differs from Vue 2 and the React framework. 

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