Open Source CMS Developer News Sept 11 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Open Source in Finance Forum 2023

The Linux Foundation will hold its Open Source in Finance Forum on Nov 1st in New York. The event aims to drive collaboration and innovation in financial services using open-source software.

Navigating Open Source Integration Through a DevOps Lens

InfoQ interviews Hila Fish, senior DevOps engineer at Wix, to learn about the DevOps perspective on open source.

Open Source Needs Maintainers. But How Can They Get Paid?

The NewStack looks at possible solutions to how open-source maintainers can get paid for their work.

Web Development News

Streamline Platform Engineering with Kubernetes

The NewStack explains how Kubernetes can help to streamline platform engineering. 

File-Based Routing in Node.js: A Brief Guide

This HackerNoon tutorial shows how to accomplish file-based routing in Node.js using JavaScript and CommonJS module types.

Coding Tips to Sidestep JavaScript Vulnerabilities

This DarkReading article offers tips and security practices for writing secure JavaScript code.

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