Open Source CMS Developer News Sept 5 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Hum Open Sources Cutting-Edge LLM for Long Text Sequences

Provider of AI and data intelligence solutions for publishers, Hum, has unveiled the open-source release of its new large language model, Lodestone. Developers can process longer text sequences with the new LLM, including surfacing content insights. 

Splinter Group Officially Launches OpenTF Fork of HashiCorp Terraform

The OpenTF project, an open-source fork of Terraform, has been launched since HashiCorp changed the license on its previously open-source project. The project also plans to join the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation. 

Web Development News

Functional Programming With JavaScript: A Deep Dive

HackerNoon offers a deep dive into accomplishing functional programming with JavaScript.

Vercel: Our Official Hosting Partner

Astro, a JavaScript framework for building content-focused websites, has partnered with Vercel to use the frontend cloud platform as its new hosting provider. With Astro on Vercel, developers can improve Core Web Vitals and other performance metrics for their web applications.

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