Open Source CMS Developer News Oct 30 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

The Moby Project Post-Kubernetes: 3 New Releases in 2023

The Newstack highlights the Moby Project's evolution. The open source project that spun off from Docker has had a pivotal role in container technologies and its growing collaboration with tech giants like Microsoft, Mirantis, and Nvidia.

The Battle Between Open Source and ‘Sort Of’ Open Source Is as Old as Software

At the Linux Foundation Members Summit, The Register highlights HashiCorp's controversial licensing switch for Terraform and the resulting OpenTofu fork. The article explores the ongoing tension between open-source values and financial goals, citing examples like macOS and Elastic's licensing changes.

Are We Witnessing the End of Open Source? assesses the open source software landscape, praising its collaborative strength while highlighting challenges like commercialization, as seen with GitHub and OpenAI.

Web Development News

Why Capistrano Got Usurped by Docker and Then Kubernetes

In this The NewStack article, Cory Doctorow reminisces about Capistrano, a once-popular remote server automation tool from the early 2010s, highlighting its importance in understanding technological trends and its potential continued relevance in certain tech stacks.

Vercel’s Next.js 14 Introduces Partial Pre-Rendering

In this The NewStack article, Lee Robinson, vice president of developer relations at Vercel, discusses the performance enhancements in Next.js 14, focusing on partial pre-rendering, server actions, and the improved TurboPack engine, all designed to elevate both the developer and user experience with Next.js.

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