Open Source CMS Developer News Nov 27 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Contextal Reveals Envivo™ Security System

Contextal announces its latest innovation: the Envivo™ Open-Source Security Framework and Multi-Vector Threat Detection System, set to transform cybersecurity defense.

TikTok to Open Source ‘Cloud-Neutralizing’ Edge Accelerator

TikTok has announced its upcoming open-source "Global Services Accelerator," a platform designed to optimize app performance by intelligently matching them with the most suitable cloud service.

Web Development News

React Panel: Frontend Should Embrace React Server Components

In this NewsStack article developers from Meta, Vercel, and Redwood explain why React server components and server actions are worth adopting now, underscoring their simplicity and efficiency in handling server-side data.

Vercel vs Netlify: A Comprehensive Comparison for Static Site Hosting

This Medium article provides a comparison ofVercel and Netlify highlighting their unique strengths for deploying and managing web applications. 

How Qwik’s Astro Integration Beats Both React and Vanilla JS

This Newstack article delves into how integrating Qwik with Astro transforms personal website development, highlighting Astro's selective approach to JavaScript implementation. 

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