Open Source CMS Developer News Dec 20 2023

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Meet OpenBao, an Open Source Fork of HashiCorp Vault

The Newstack reports that HashiCorp's shift from open source to a Business Source License has led to its software being adopted by competitors. In September, HashiCorp's rivals forked its Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) software to create OpenTofu. Now, the OpenBAO project aims to maintain the open-source version of HashiCorp’s Vault security software.

Hello, GitOps — Boeing’s Open Source Push

The Newstack article delves into Boeing's foray into open source software, led by Damani Corbin, the architect behind Boeing's Open Source office. Corbin, a key figure in global software strategy, has been instrumental in fostering internal collaboration and prioritizing code reuse to ensure a secure, community-driven approach at Boeing.

EPAM Launches AI-Powered DIAL Platform for Open Source – Accelerating Generative AI and LLM Solutions Development.

EPAM has launched its AI-powered DIAL Open Source Platform, a versatile, model-agnostic solution designed for developers. This platform enables the creation of custom applications and experimentation with new use cases.

Web Development News

Why Is React the Best Front-end Framework to Learn in 2024?

This Hackernoon article delves into the world of front-end web development frameworks, highlighting React's prominence among alternatives like Angular and Vue.js. The article explores why React is the preferred choice for developers in 2024, emphasizing its various strengths.

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