Open Source CMS Developer News Feb 27 2024

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

Intel Survey Finds Maintainer Burnout & Documentation Top Open-Source Challenges

Data from Intel’s open source developer survey indicates that having an acceptable open source license and maintainer responsiveness were the top two most important aspects of an open source project. Additionally, maintainer burnout and documentation and onboarding were the two biggest challenges. 

NGINX Melds Open Source Tools into an Enterprise Platform

Open source tool and technology provider NGINX has introduced NGINX One to enable developers to efficiently leverage their collection of open source products for enterprise applications while ensuring security and availability. 

Web Development News

The State of Jamstack: Developers Want Return to Simplicity

The New Stack speaks to members of the Jamstack community to understand how the web architecture can overcome complexity and return to its roots. 

React Labs: What We’ve Been Working On – February 2024

React Labs has announced some of the latest to the JavaScript library, including preparing for the open source release of React Compiler, the development of Server Actions, and the upcoming React 19. 

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