Open Source CMS Developer News Jun 29 2024

A weekly report of the latest industry news related to open source CMS web development.

Open Source News

CISA Joint Guidance Warns of Memory Safety Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Projects

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, in partnership with the FBI and other organizations, has issued guidance on the threats facing open source projects and the risk of security vulnerabilities.  

New Linux Foundation Report Reveals How Open Source is Driving Technical Transformation of Vertical Industries

The Linux Foundation unveils a new report, “Software-Defined Vertical Industries: Transformation Through Open Source.” Sponsored by LF Energy, the report showcases how vertical industries are becoming software-defined thanks to open source technologies.

Eclipse Foundation Introduces Theia IDE to Elevate the Modern Developer Experience

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of Eclipse Theia IDE. The new IDE provides a modern, extensible coding experience across both desktop and browser environments. 

Web Development News

Pivoting From React to Native DOM APIs: A Real World Example

Developer teams are shifting from React’s “overwhelming VDOM” to modern DOM APIs. The results include speed and interaction improvements.

CSS-in-JS and React Server Components: A Developer Guide

This guide explores why some CSS-in-JavaScript solutions can’t work in the new server-first world of React and what developers can do instead.

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