Your CMS is the Walking Dead, CrafterCMS is the Antidote

Your CMS was built 20 years ago.  Think about that.  It’s true.  For the vast majority of CMS technologies out there, the core of the system and the architecture was put in place 20 years ago!

Got an RDBMS Database? How about a JCR repository?  Having trouble scaling? Can’t easily move code and content between environments?  Can’t easily go global or build at cloud scale? No?  That’s because your CMS architecture is 20 years old.  It matters.

How about development?  Do your developers love your CMS?  Can they innovate quickly?  Can you support multiple teams and workstreams?   Can you handle content that isn’t a web page? Can you quickly adapt to new kinds of channels?  No again?  20 years ago the pace of development was slower, expectations were lower.  Today the demands are much higher but CMS vendors and technologies have not kept pace.

Your CMS may still be walking but it’s already dead.  You can change from one product to another but it’s not going to solve the fundamental problem.  Traditional CMS is dead.

It’s time to breathe new life into CMS.


At CrafterCMS we’ve been working hard for several years to completely re-invent and redefine the a

rchitecture of CMS for today’s’ needs.   We’ve let go of industry dogma and the same old design patterns.  We’ve stayed focused on the core rather than chasing the bright shiny objects, buzzwords, and technologies. We’re committed to being great on what matters most to organizations that depend on digital channels: innovation.  The speed of innovation and the ease of deploying it at scale.  We’ve built a CMS with a completely different architecture designed to support today’s demand for innovation. As a result, the world has a completely new take on CMS, built for the “crafters” and innovators, CrafterCMS:

Can manage any kind of content and experience

  • Supports any channel and can easily adapt to new ones as they emerge
  • Is easy for authors:
    • Web-based publishing tools
    • Safe editing sandbox
    • Desktop tool support
    • Completely in-context
    • Drag and drop
    • Workflow & versioning
  • Is amazing for developers:
    • Based on well known, proven technology stack: Git, Java, Spring, Groovy and Solr
    • Native support for Git
    • Allows developers to work locally and in teams
    • Supports multiple workstreams
    • Enables team to easily move code & content between environments
    • Makes it possible to use desktop native development tools
  • Is insanely great for ops teams:
    • Extremely high performance
    • Has a small footprint
    • Is built to run in secure environments
    • Is multi-tenant
    • Is horizontally scalable
    • Is geo Distributable

Check it out! CrafterCMS is powering 1000s of the world’s top digital experiences.  It’s open source, it’s powerful and it’s wildly different than the hordes of “zombie” CMS’ out there that put a new name and a new skin on the same 20-year-old architectures and approaches.  If digital content and innovation are critical to your success, don’t fall prey to yet another zombie CMS.  Stop Walking.  Start Running.  Check out CrafterCMS!