Start an Activiti Process via Rest Script in CrafterCMS

Activiti is a powerful open source workflow engine built by Alfresco.  Incorporating a workflow engine into your customer and employee facing sites and portals is an excellent solution for automating complex workflows that cross system boundaries while providing the user with a simple to use, contextual user experience.   Working for a bank or an insurance company and need to workflow contracts with customers?  No problem. CrafterCMS (an open source Java based CMS) paired with Alfresco is a perfect solution.  It’s customer friendly, highly scalable and about as powerful as enterprise technology gets!

In this blog, I’ll demonstrate the most straightforward example of a CrafterCMS REST service being used to start an Activiti Process.


  • You have Activiti ( installed
    The authentication and process are hard coded to simplify the example

Step 1: Create a REST Controller

    • Under Scripts/rest right click and click create controller
      • Enter start-process.get as the controller name
    • Add the following code to the controller. This code assumes Activiti is deployed into the same container as Crafter Engine.
    def http = new HTTPBuilder("http://localhost:8080")
    def user = "kermit"
    def password = "kermit"
    def authPair = user + ":" + password
    def authEncoded = authPair.bytes.encodeBase64().toString()
    http.setHeaders([Authorization: "Basic "+authEncoded])
    def ret = null

    http.request( Method.POST ) {

          uri.path = "/activiti-rest/service/runtime/process-instances"

    // uri.path = "/activiti-app/api/enterprise/process-instances" requestContentType = ContentType.JSON body = [ processDefinitionKey: "vacationRequest", variables:[ [name:"employeeName", value: "Russ"], [name:"numberOfDays", value: "5"],[name:"startDate", value:"10-08-2015 11:11"],[name:"vacationMotivation", value: "rest"] ]] response.success = { resp, reader -> ret = reader } } return ret

Step 2: Execute the Service

Step 3: Verify that a new process instance has been started